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Logo & Branding

Logos & what they say about your brand is very important!
Every business no matter how large or small needs an identity and this logo becomes corporate through your whole business or brand, like on all advertising material, websites and gets to the point where people actually do know you just by your logo – Never under estimate the importance of that one small image that represents your unique brand!


Whatever you design requirements are, we can provide you with what you need. We design for all types of businesses. Be it menus, flyers, business cards, banners, exhibition stands, adhesive vinyls – We have the right product for you. Our focus is on creating the purposeful designs for the projects we take on. For us, it’s not just about finishing the project at hand. It’s about figuring out how it fits into the bigger picture…

Digital Printing

We specialise in online printing services offering a wide range of products and services for any size business or project.  An integral part of our Printing Services is to provide great value for money, where large proportions of our products can be delivered in as little as 48 hours. In addition, to save even more, there is a choice of delivery dates, where the later delivery date will come with the lowest cost. We charge a 50% deposit for this service.

Inspired Thinking

Maybe you own a cafe and you want a way of displaying your menu and indeed cover those worn table tops?
This was a project for one of our more than satisfied clients, who now replaces them every year at minimal cost.
This due to the fact that the basic design never changes. Just a case of replacing some items and prices and adding maybe new pictures to fit and balance the whole picture…
There are so many different ideas to achieve whatever you need to promote you business, in more ways than you perhaps ever imaged.
Inspiration is one of our keywords!

Material Used For This Product:

Monomeric Gloss Adhesive Vinyl, With UV Filter 5 Gloss lamination

Reduced Costs Of Digital Printing

There are many huge advantages that can be derived from digital printing. One of these is the reduction in printing cost. Offset printing is quite expensive compared to digital printing. This is because offset printing entails setup fees and plates to be made. On the other hand, digital printing requires no setup fees. Hence, there is a great cost reduction, especially for small-volume printing requirements. Marketing materials such as flyers or brochures, business forms and cards can now be printed digitally at substantial savings.

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